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where did wedding rings originate

where did wedding rings originate

well, if you haven't been hearing thewords, damn daniel in the last 24 hours, you've not been on the internet. our first guests are two friends whoposted a video showing off some stylish clothes. in a matter of days,it's been viewed over 45 million times. take a look. >> damn daniel. damn, daniel. damn, daniel,back at it again with the white vans.

[inaudible] damn daniel. >> [applause]>> from riverside, in california, please welcome daniel and josh. >> [applause]>> damn daniel. >> [laugh]>> damn josh. okay, so this is crazy. over 45 million views, andi was watching the audience watch that. and it's interesting to peoplewho have sen it before, and some people are going what's happening?

what is happening, how did this start? >> you know it was just like,it was just out of nowhere, i just came up out of daniel after school. i was just like, all right,i'm gonna post this on my snapchat story. so i took a video of him, i was just like,damn, daniel, just out of nowhere. >> [laugh]>> and everyone started to love it. >> that's the first time you said,damn daniel, you'd never said it before? >> the first clip with him in the bluenike's and the blue windbreaker, that was the first one.

>> but you've never said that beforeyou decided to film his stylist look, you never looked at him before andwent, damn daniel, i should film this? >> [laugh]>> all right, so you just did that once andpeople thought it was funny. >> yeah. >> so then you did it everyday. >> yeah,it was an everyday thing from then on. >> what did you think when he posted that? >> i mean at first,the first time he came up to me,

i was like what's this guy doing? >> [laugh]>> i didn't expect him walking up to me, but after that we had somesnapchats back from people and saying that they actually liked it. yo, this is funny. keep it going. so the next day we're like,let's do another one. so we started taking them ona daily basis, every sixth period. >> right.>> on the pool deck, so.

>> [laugh]>> on the pool deck. >> so, and when did you realize how muchit was taking off and what was happening? >> well, i went to the mall. i wanted to shop, but at the same timei wanted to see if people maybe would recognize me a little,so we went to the mall. >> [laugh]>> ended up taking maybe 15, 10 photos of people andthat's why i was like, this is pretty big. and then next day, i went out tofullerton for a swim meet and took 30 or 40 photos and that's when i realized,this is crazy.

>> right, cuz they recognize you, butyou, unless you say damn, daniel, they don't know it's->> [laugh] >> yeah, he facetimed me like 10 times at the swim meet and he's like, bro, he's like, do the voice,they're freaking out right now. i'm like, damn, daniel, and then all thesegirls started screaming in the background- >> [laugh]>> it was hilarious. >> so i don't know if this is true ornot, but there are some vans, not your vans but vans like that,on ebay for $300,000 right now.

>> yeah, that's a little expensive, right? >> i think so. >> [laugh]>> and they're not yours either. >> they're not mine. they're not even slip-ons actually,they have the laces on them. >> right. >> so, i mean, i feel bad for whoever bidor bought those, i mean they're not mine. >> well i hope nobody's going pay $300,000for those shoes, that's a little crazy. they're nice shoes.

but so now you're, damn josh,you're wearing those shoes too. >> yeah [laugh]>> right? so, i mean really,this has gotten so much attention. you're getting marriage proposals? >> [laugh] yeah, i mean,girls ask me and i think i'm not into a rush to get married anytime->> no. >> [laugh]>> i'm 14 years old but the girls are just a hugebonus out of all this. >> yeah, sure.

>> [laugh]>> you're 14 years old? >> i'm a freshman at poly high school. >> wow. >> and you're how old josh? >> i'm a sophomore at high school, yeah. >> and so you're 15. >> 15.>> so okay, i know you love surfing, right? >> yeah, i surf, skate,>> so

i got you a surf board that i thinkyou're gonna like a whole lot. >> [applause] >> what, no way! >> [applause]>> thank you so much, ellen. >> [applause]>> it's a good board, right? it's a nice board. all right, sothat's a nice surf board for you. and you love vans. >> yeah.>> so

our friends at vans are givingyou a lifetime supply of shoes. a lifetime supply. >> [applause]>> they are not all white vans. >> yeah, [inaudible]>> all right. all right, as soon as i write this moviefor the two guys, i'll have them back and we can talk about the movie, damn daniel. >> [laugh]

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where did wedding ring tradition start

where did wedding ring tradition start

hi i am meenakshi dutt and today i am goingto show you an indian engagement look. our bride is definitely wearing a one piecedress which is actually a very traditional outfit compared to indian outfit.the colours and the whole theme is very indianized. her whole look is going to be actually a slightlymodern but with the touch of indian traditional look which we can't go away from.because definitely it's a function it's an engagement where we have to keep in mind thetradition and the culture. so we are going to start with her with a littleconcealer. now i am blending the foundation into theskin. any foundation you use for the bride makesure that it should have good concealing power.

it should conceal the blemishes, make theskin even and also give a natural and a soft look.the more blending we do of the foundation the more even the face looks......and the more it lasts. now we will set it with loose powder. theloose powder consistency should also be fine. it should not leave too much colour on theface... ...but should set the foundation and givean even tone. we can work towards contouring a little......if required. some faces are sharp... ...features are sharp enough.but a little bit contouring helps in all kind of faces so that whatever little featuresthat don't stand out with the simple foundation

get defined we will start working with the eye makeup. we are going to use a goldish cream eye shadowon half the eyelid. we are using a slightly shimmery highlighter.and we are going to fill in the eyebrows now. a little hint of red which definitely we aregoing to reduce because i don't want the "shagan" look to look like a bridal we are going to enhance more of gold... ...the creamish gold.we are going to blend it with a little more smokey brown to reduce the redness.very fine soft glitter... ...under the eyes again smokey brown.add in the kohl. kohl always accentuates the eyes very beautifully.and in all the traditional indian functions

it adds in to all the indian features.soft, very soft peachish blush. its light because you want the bride on theengagement to just look very "glowey" very pretty.soft simple liner in outward stroke. it is just enough......not very thick because it's an engagement function.a soft coat of mascara. soft lip liner in a nude colour.i am lining the lips with it. just filling in the lips with liquid lipstick.a little peach with the nude always enhances the complexion and gives a very doll kindof look which is just perfect for the "shagans". we will just finish the look with high defenitiongloss.

just little in the this is like what i have done on her like a very soft look.on engagement or "shagan" what we have to keep in mind that the base or the makeup,or whatever we do should hot be very jarring to the eyes......because what happens is everybody comes close to your face.they talk to you like this... you know. the stage is definitely smaller... it's a little more personalfunction. so you know you are actually in close quarterswith people...

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

when did wedding rings start

when did wedding rings start

in this video we will compare the 4c's ofdiamond rings which are cut, carat size, clarity, and color we'll also go over my 2 personalc's which are lower costs, and the importance of certification first we'll go over cut. this is very important to understand becauseit is how diamond retailers try to trick you the most. the better the cut the better light bouncesor refracts through the diamond so it sparkles at its peak. each diamond gets a cut grade from poor toexcellent.

besides its size, this sparkle from the cutis what captures peoples attention the most. cut is measured by the angles and thicknessof the diamond shape. this diamond's cut grade is excellent andhas maximum illumination when you shine focused light through it. if we take the angle of the excellent cuton the diamond you see it matches the excellent diagram from this interactive cut tool thati found. now look at this diamond with only a goodcut grade. the diamond does brighten when you shine thesame focused light on it but there are dark spots in the diamond.

you can see this all matches with the smallerand unfavorable angle in the diamond. compare the two cuts side by side and nowyou see the difference in brightness and cut angles. in public it sparkles more intense and moreimpressively. despite its importance like here the retailerssimply not the mention the cut grade. instead they list the cut shape and symmetrygrade to make you think it is the same as the cut grade. then to finish fooling you they simply shineimpressive lights that would make any diamond sparkle.

why do they do this? that leads me to carat. carat is actually the diamond weight measurement. playing with the cut angles of the diamondthey can actually make then carat go up without it looking bigger and thus they are able tocharge you more. but with this tool you can see that the diamondshould look bigger with an increase in carat size. this is a diamond size comparison on the fingeror hand. from 1/2 carat to 3 carat.

clarity is next on our list of comparisons. clarity grade is measured from flawless tovvs1 and 2 to the vs's to the si's and then i's. defects range from chips, to feathering, toeven cloudiness. the higher on the clarity scale the less visiblethe defects are and the lower of defects there are. lets start with a vvs2 diamond. you can see here the diamond looks very nice. no visible defects.

looks good. now at first glance this si2 diamond looksgood. especially if you were to see it at a diamondstore with impressive lights. but here you can see its defect. even this i-1 grade is difficult to see itsbig defect unless you know how to look for it and i have it way zoomed in. now here you can see is a better way to comparediamonds from a diamond website i will link to in the corner of this video and in thedescription below. its better because it uses a light and certainsettings on a 360 camera so you can see the

defects better than you could at a diamondstore. now here from this website you can see thati's look terrible especially compared to the vvs. vvs defects are virtually undetectable tothe human eye. next from this website is an si diamond whichhas a major flaw when i highlight it here. but perhaps if you werent looking for it mightbe a little hard to detect even though it is visible to the human eye. another way diamond stores often try and trickis they try and hide these defects under the diamond clasps that hold them into the ring.

now we are looking at vs which gets very hardto detect. can you find it? probably not. you can see it is this tiny little speck inthe center of the diamond. now if this were in real life it would bereally hard to detect. but for a perfectionist like myself that tinydefect would drive me nuts every time i looked at my wife's diamond. however, its your own preference. color is next and it is measured from d toz.

d being pure and colorless. z being the most yellow. most diamond stores don't sell less than ak in color unless specifically trying to sell yellow diamond. now lets compare them. this diamond shade h looks really nice. in fact it doesnt look at all yellow untilcompared to a diamond shade d right next to it. the same even with the shade k.

in fact most shades appear yellow only whenthey're compared to other diamonds right next to them. that is why it is generally the safest areato cut back on when buying a diamond because you'll never notice unless you comparing rightnext to another diamond. all these comparsions you can actually justdo on your own from the link in this video. the best way i found to get a great priceon a quality diamond is to click on this link on the video and in the description. now i will show you ways to lower the cost. in fact we will compare the prices of eachof the four diamonds we found in the store

and that i showed you on the hand to diamondswith the same specs from the link below. here is our 1 carat diamond ring on the fingerwhich is 5788 dollars in the diamond store at the time i made this video and you findthe exact same specs here only the price is 3600 dollars which means you would have saved2188 dollars buying it from the link below. now for the 3 carat diamond on the hand. this is from kay jewelers online website. this diamond is practically 55,000 dollars. this is a pretty basic band design. it is ideal cut, a shade i and si2 clarity.

and this site it is 23,270 dollars. a savings of $31,730 dollarsthen our half carat and 2 carat diamond ring on the finger were a savings of 569 and 9198dollars respectively. you get the picture. make sure whatever device you use come backclick on the link below to find the daimonds. my sixth c is certification. each diamond has a tiny number inscribed onits side so your diamond cannot be misplaced. look at these two diamonds they are the samespecs the same grades. the one on the right looks pretty good forits specs.

its graded by gia. the one on the left looks scratchy and wayworse. it is graded by a different certificationcompany. that is because gia is the gold standard forcertification. any other certification company just inflatesits grades so the diamond retailers gets you pay more money for lower quality diamond. dont believe this happens look at this emaili recieved when i tried to purchase a shade h diamond from another diamond company. it states egl is a for profit lab.

when compared to gia this will be closer toa k/l color. that means they are admitting gia is the correctgrade and theirs is a lower quality. always, always go by the gia diamond certificationno matter where you purchase the diamond. if you are going to buy a diamond make sureyou click on the link below. even if you go to another computer or device,come back to this video to click on that link because it will help you out. also like and subscribe.

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when did wedding rings start being used

when did wedding rings start being used

when a movie has audiences on the edge oftheir seats, or falling out of them, you�d be surprised at how much they miss. we don�tjust mean mistakes or plot holes, since viewers are just as likely to overlook clever detailsthe directors placed into the film on purpose for an extra laugh � or a mind-bending are screen rant�s 10 movie details you definitely missed. kill bill vol. 1 quentin tarantino managed to keep the realidentity of uma thurman�s character a secret through both kill bill volume 1 and 2, referredto by bill only as �kiddo,� and officially credited as �the bride.� it was only atthe end of volume 2 that the heroine�s name

was revealed in full as �beatrix kiddo.�but eagle-eyed viewers could have spoiled the surprise well ahead of time, since kiddo�splane ticket to japan in the first movie shows her name in full. inception even die-hard fans of this �dreams withindreams� heist movie may have missed one of inception�s most brilliant touches. throughoutthe story, the team uses a single song as a signal to wake up, with the music growinglouder and deeper as it travels down through layers of dreams. viewers may not notice thatthe entire movie�s score is built from the same song, slowed down to match the way itsounds while dreaming � in other words: telling audiences it�s time

for them to wake up as well. the movie�s ending has also been debated,with fans wondering if the spinning top is meant to show that the movie�s hero, cobb,is only dreaming his happy ending. but a small detail may hold the answer: whenever cobbis inside of a dream � where his late wife is around to wreak havoc � his wedding ringreturns to his finger. when awake, it disappears. going only by that detail, the lack of thering in the final scene confirms it�s not an illusion. total recall long before inception had movie fans debatingwhat was real and what wasn�t, this sci-fi

adventure was playing the same trick. whena blue collar worker of the future pays to have thrilling memories of a top secret missionto mars planted in his brain, his real memories return� sending him on an adventure to have debated whether the film is real or all in the hero�s head - but listen closelyto one rekall lab tech who directly references the film�s final scene (insert: �bluesky on mars� clip). other hints can be explained away, but this easy to miss line is hard toargue. fast five introduced as a new character in fast & furious:tokyo drift, the unshakable han (pronounced �honn�) � played by actor sung kang� would go on to become a main player in

future films, referred to only by his firstname. director justin lin�s unofficial prequel better luck tomorrow starred kang as �hanlue,� but fast five revealed his full name was revealed to be �han seoul-oh,� a clearnod to the star wars saga�s infamous smuggler. godzilla as serious a threat as a prehistoric alphapredator may pose, the minds behind the 2014 godzilla reboot had plenty of fun with theiropening credits. the classified reports censored to conceal everything but a cast or crew member�sname is clever, but a closer look reveals nearly every one of them to be the butt ofa joke � including a nod to bryan cranston�s role as breaking bad�s �walter white,�and the monster movie that put gareth edwards

in the director�s chair. the lord of the rings no fantasy fan will forget the moment whenboromir met his end in the fellowship of the ring, pierced by multiple arrows from an uruk-hai(pronounced �oorook high�) bow, but it�s aragorn who finds the best way to rememberhis sacrifice. removing boromir�s leather vambraces before sending his body on to gondor,aragorn goes on to sport the forearm guards for the next two films � a fact never calledout or noted by any character. back to the future when marty mcfly�s time travel preventshis parents from falling in love, he�s forced

to bring them together � or risk fadingfrom existence as a result. convincing his sheepish father means using all the futuristictech and jargon he can muster � including music by van halen. although the band wouldn�tgive permission to use their name or music, lead guitarist eddie van halen did. marty�scassette tape is labelled edward van halen as a result, with the guitarist admittingyears later that he recorded the guitar riffs himself. jurassic park steven spielberg has a knack for terrifyingmoviegoers with monsters neither seen nor heard � first with the great white sharkof jaws, and later, jurassic park. the parallels

aren�t lost on the cast, either: when jurassicpark programmer dennis nedry is introduced, he�s apparently enjoying a viewing of jawson his own computer screen. specifically, the scene in which the massive shark is firstrevealed. you would think that he would have learned never to get cocky with deadly animals,but spielberg had�other plans. the usual suspects kevin spacey�s crippled con man, verbalkint may concoct one of the most iconic twists in movie history, but the ending of the usualsuspects isn�t as hard to guess as you�d think. government agents suspect that hisstory is only meant to cover the escape of his friend, keaton. the audience saw keatonkilled by the film�s mysterious villain,

and when the interrogation gets rough, verbalspills the beans for one brief second (insert clip: �i killed keaton�). the customsagent, like the audience, may have been too distracted to hear verbal confess to the crime. so what do you think of our list? did we missany hard-to-spot details in your favorite films? let us know in our comment sectionand don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more videos like this one.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

when did wedding rings begin

when did wedding rings begin

- women. - dresses. - yeah! - one week. (laughing) - we are the hardest women in dresses that you will ever see. (dramatic music) - my relationship with dresses...

- as a little girl, i dreadeddresses. i hated dresses. - i always felt like iwas getting in trouble because i would be running or jumping and everyone would see my ass. - i feel like i'm just gonna be frustrated and also super insecure all week. - the thing about dressesis that they're sort of presented at this feminine ideal. they're just very feminine, womenly,

sometimes very sexualizedarticle of clothing. - i've never worn a dressand i'm like this is me. i volunteered because i waslike this shouldn't be hard. now i'm like (beep), like what am i doing? - i'm about to put on thefirst dress of the week. - gonna be fun. - [jordan] ow. - the difficult thing is notnecessary getting the dress on. it's zipping the (beep) dress.

- oh, my god, you guys. - this is my dress mom bought it for me. - trying to like picksomething up, but it's like you're gonna give everybody a show. oh, no. my chopstick. you have to be like.basically do a curtsey. - the big test of everythingis whether you can sit in a (beep) dress andnot look like an idiot. - i feel like i'malready flashing my butt.

- i'm gonna (beep) dread this. (upbeat music) - this week was not as badas i thought it was gonna be. - it was fine, but tooannoying to do by choice. my dress has risen up. - for work, i had to filma video and so i was trying to set up lights and run around set and i just felt likephysically i couldn't get all that i needed to get done.

- i don't think my lifestyle is conducive to wearing dresses all the time. - jordan doesn't know howto get off the bean bag. - i don't know how to do itwithout flashing everybody. - it just seemed like wheni was wearing a dress, people had a lot moreto say about my body. - the guys would justlike check me out more and it was a littlebit more uncomfortable. i just felt more vulnerable.

it's weird, it's just a dress,but it was like the most uncomfortable thing ever. - wear whatever you want,but also it's sort of like, it's true that people mightthink of you differently. simply because of what you're wearing. you can't really separateyourself from that. - i think it's superimportant to wear stuff that you're comfortable in and yourself. - clothes serve a purposeof self expression,

and that's kind of it. thanks, this is actually a new t-shirt. i'm really excited about it. don't be a do nothing (beep). it's ronda rousey. she's my woman crush wednesday today. yeah.

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when did wedding rings become tradition

when did wedding rings become tradition

in the mid eighteen-hundreds when the engagementring tradition first picked up in the united states, some men sported them. but it didn'ttake long for engagement rings to become a woman exclusive piece of jewelry. in the nineteen twenties, nineteen twenty-sixto be precise, american jewelers got together and figured out a new strategy for maximizingtheir bottom line. sell engagement rings for men. in order to make this happen the jewelryindustry had a few major marketing hurdles that it had to overcome. much as it stillis today, engagement is something that happens to a woman by virtue of a man presenting herwith a ring. marry me suzie! who's suzie? on top of that wearing jewelry and rings wassomething considered feminine. it wasn't until

even the nineteen forties that husbands beganwearing wedding bands. what this national campaign to sell men's engagement rings wastasked with was creating an entirely new tradition that in no way would threaten the masculinityof these future husbands of america. so you see examples of advertising tactics sellingthese rings as a way for guys to elevate their masculinity. a knight riding off into battle,while wearing an engagement ring. jewelers touting the fact that their men's engagementrings were made from manly materials like iron and bronze. men's ring styles were evengiven names like the pilot, the executive, the stag! [cough]. but what the jewelry industrydidn't anticipate were a couple of fatal flaws that doomed the men's engagement ring research had also found that if a guy

found out that his fiance was going to buya ring for him he would have put a stop to it. it was often left up to her to guess hisring size and the style that he would like because again if she asked him what kind ofring he would like he would probably say, 'the only ring i want is no ring honey.' 'butsam.' 'who's sam?' gender roles were still very much entrenched to where women were incontrol of childcare and the domestic, men were meant to go out and work and then probablyafterwards simply socialize with his male buddies. while securing a woman's hand inmarriage by giving her a ring was something to be proud of, being given a ring by a womanand signifying to the world that you were about to become someone's husband not so much.pretty soon thereafter the jewelry industry

figures out that the male engagement ringcampaign is a total flop. and once the great depression happens they simply refocus theirenergies on the bridal market. now to understand why most american men today still don't wearengagement rings, it's helpful to look at why they began wearing wedding bands in thenineteen forties and fifties. post-world war ii prosperity and it's attendant migrationtoward suburbia along with the rise of what's called domestic masculinity and the companionatefamily set the social stage for what were called double ring weddings. weddings as wewould think of them today wherein both the bride and the groom are given rings to puton. while the american jewelry industry and advertising certainly played a role in sellingwedding bands to me, it was also our culturally

evolving idea of what a husband should bethat helped cement that new tradition. the ideal married man was more domestic and companionatethan ever before and so it made sense that he would wear a wedding band symbolizing hisconnection not only to the marriage unit and his wife but also to his family, to his house,to the suburban ideal of post-war america. when it comes to engagement rings the heterosexualdating script that leads up to marriage hasn't really changed all that much outside of welltindr and texting. men still do a majority of the asking whether it's for a first dateor for someone's hand in marriage. even though you see jewelry companies today every nowand then trying to push mangagement rings, it's not so common. will it ever be? guysdo you want engagement rings?

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

when did wedding rings become common

when did wedding rings become common

hi. james from engvid. we are gathered heretoday for this thing called "life". that's a line from prince. and i have to apologizebecause one of you out there said that my song was not music from star wars, but frommozart. my apologies. but i'm still using it because it sounds, you know, like somethinghorrible is about to happen, and it is. i'm going to teach you a lesson on weddings. anddepending on who you are, it's a good thing or a bad thing. but anyway, here we go. one ofthe things we're going to talk about -- we'll talk about the rituals of weddings, and i'mgoing to give you some vocabulary to go with that. and just to start off the show -- idon't know who this guy is, but anyway. he's saying, "will you marry me" to this beautifulyoung girl. and she's saying, "yes. i will.

is that a diamond ring" -- another word for"wedding band" -- "or mr. e?" we'll find out. let's talk about weddings. okay? well, beforewe go there, here's a little joke i'd like to put to you. there are two things you willbe invited to. and both of them signal the death of something or the death of life. okay?the first is a funeral. and i did a video on that earlier. go find it. that's wheremy friend corrected me. and the second one is a wedding. it is the death of your singlelife. so what we're going to do is i'll do the magic click, take a step out, and then we'regoing to start the lesson. are you ready? let's go on our journey. "and dearly departed" -- sorry. marriage. ikeep forgetting because that death thing

keeps coming to my mind. anyway. so what wewant to look at is -- i told you i would give you some vocabulary and explain a little bit,give you a little history. it's not too much, but it will help you to remember and understand whywe do what we do. ready? let's go to be board. mr. e is gone, but his presence will not bemissed. okay in fact, i'll put a little e here. we're going to talk about the engagement.okay? there you go, mr. e. he's not looking too happy about being in this particular situation.we say the wedding is a particular day, and it's true. in fact, there are special namesfor weddings when you're getting married. but before that we've -- i consider the weddingstarting with the engagement because that's the first time you make a promise to join --look at that. engagement. you get a ring.

surprise, surprise. you get that engagementring, and you say, "will you marry me?" the person says yes. you put it on. boom. you'refianc�s. you've started the first step to getting married. a little thing about wedding rings. i'm notsure if you know about it, so i'll just take a good look at it. do you know what this symbolizes?well, boys and girls, in the old days, the wedding band -- that's another word for "weddingring", the "wedding band" -- the wedding ring told other men that this woman was taken. sowhen the woman would put it on, other men would go, "oh, no she's off the market." in otherwords, "you can't date her anymore because somebody else has bought the woman." gladthose days are over. yeah? you just bought

a diamond ring, son. it's not over. so starts with a ring. and just before the wedding, people -- you know, these are old,kind of rituals or things we used to do. young people would get together. they wouldn't haveanything. they might have lived on a farm. so they needed to get things to start theirnew life together, and not everyone had a lot of money. we're talking of the times wherepeople were kings and queens and princes. so the poor didn't have a lot. so when youwould have a bridal shower or a stag night, well, the bridal shower was to get gifts tohelp the couple start their new life together. i mean, really, this is about 150 years old,but it's still long because you're young, son. not like me. okay. so the bridal shower,if you get invited to that, cha-ching! it's

the beginning of what i call the "weddingmoney machine". you have to show up with a gift for the bride because she's starting anew life and you should pay for it. that's right. unlike the bachelor party -- old guyscall it "stag night" because stags have, you know, the big buck. it's sort of like a horrorstory -- deer. you know bambi's mommy? well, bambi's daddy would be a stag. he would bebig and strong. it would be your final night to be a big, strong man because now, you'reabout the get married. i love it. one ring shall control them all. anyway. so the stag night was a man saying goodbyeto being a man and now to be a husband. and the bridal shower was the time for the womanto the bow, "give me the goods. give me the

good stuff." okay? soshe'd be getting stuff. now, let's talk about the wedding itself.because this happens, and there's a period of time in between. and it's called your "engagementperiod" until we get to the wedding day. now, here's what's funny. here's the funny thing.on the wedding day, it's actually a whole day, but the wedding really consists of afew minutes, okay? now, on the wedding day, you're going to have a wedding party. i knowi made it sound like a funeral, but there is actually a wedding party. it's not whatyou're thinking. the wedding party are, sort of -- today, we call it, like, your "posse"or your "group" or -- what was that program called? the guy had a -- well, whatever. you'vegot your tribe with you. the woman had what's

called the "bridesmaids", and the men had what'scalled the "groomsmen". now, the bridesmaids are made up of her good friends or women thatare important in her life. and the groomsmen are made up for the man of all the importantmen in his life. okay? so this could be his extra brothers. and this could beher sisters and her best friends. now, of the people you like the best -- youwill love this part -- you have your maid of honor. it could be your mother or sister,but really a sister or your best, best friend. and the best man would probably be your favoritebrother or your best friend. these are the people that head these groups, like, the leadersof these particular groups. and then, you have the bride and the groom. the groom -- someof you don't know this word because it only

exists for one day in your life. it's when aman is about to be married. on his wedding day, he is a groom. while the bride is onlya bride on her wedding day. okay? and this only lasts for about a couple of hours becauseyou have to understand after they exchange rings -- that's what this is for. okay? whenthey exchange the rings, they suddenly become "husband and wife". so you have a few hoursin your life that you will be a bride or a groom. "bride" is for girl;"groom" is for boy. okay? so this is the wedding party, not the partyyou're thinking. sorry. but when you're invited to be on the wedding party, it's an honorbecause they're saying you're special. that's why i said it's like your sister or your bestfriend or your brother or your best friend.

you're being givenan honor, okay? a woman has to wear a special dress on herwedding day, and it's called the "wedding gown", sometimes called the "wedding dress"now. why am i mentioning this? guys just get to wear a suit, so it's not a big deal. a suitor a tuxedo. the wedding gown has a specific thing or meaning. and many women search formonths to get the perfect dress. you see, the wedding gown came back -- this is alsoabout 150 years old. because it started after -- because a long time ago, women couldn'tafford to buy one dress to wear for one day and throw in the garbage or put away. this wasjust crazy. but about 150 years ago, they started getting special dresses only for thewedding. and they call it the "wedding gown".

now, the wedding gown was supposed to be inwhite. and it used to come with a veil. a "veil" is something to cover the face. andit was for innocence and purity and secrecy because she was a virgin. and she would beveiled until revealed to her husband. okay? now, in the western world, white meant innocenceand purity. but if you go to the middle east or in asia, it was in red and orange. now,you might think that that woman must have had lots and lots of sex, but that's not see, for asians -- so if you're wondering why in your country -- you're like, "oh, mygod, our women are so dirty." it's not. it's meant for festivity, to be fun and have funand be exciting. so they're saying you're entering a new phase of your life where -- aphase means period -- where you're going to

be having children and family and it's greatand it's fun. so they have orange and red. or the red is to kill your husband in tenyears. no. orange and red. while the white in the west was forinnocence and purity. okay? so she wears this dress; they exchange vows;they get married. now, she says, "i do". he says, "i do". and that's where, you know,your vows and your promises -- we've got it up here. so come over here in a second. after that,you get invited to the reception. cha-ching. more money, people, more money. okay? i talkedabout up here the bridal shower. on the reception, you get a free dinner -- dinner, okay? inthe western world, it's usually chicken and beef with some kind of mash and rice and vegetables.i've been to a few. and then, you must bring

a gift of equal or greater value. isn't thatnice? okay. oh, and before i forget, pops or dads out there, if you're -- you know,girls, bring your father in to watch this video. you should. and explain to him thatin the western world, the father pays for all of this. so if i don't bring a gift, it'sa free meal on him. food for thought. okay? so these are -- well, this is how the weddingday basically proceeds. okay? this is your basic wedding outline. but let's talk aboutsome of the rituals there. i gave you one idea with the wedding gown, why people wearthe colors they wear, right? or why they wear a veil. but let's look at some of the rituals.there are four that are involved in a wedding that i found are important andyou want to pay attention to.

the wedding vows. these are the promises peoplemake to each other about what they will and won't do in marriage. love, honor, and obeybecause i'm a dog. i'm joking, but i mean, this is the basic one in the western world.we say we'll love, honor, and obey you. and usually, by the way, it's for the women. themen don't say that. but the vows, really, especially when they're important, peoplemake their own now, which is really cool. and they say the promises they want to do inthe wedding to make it -- or the marriage to make it happy. right? and joyful for bothpeople. and i think that's kind of cool, don't you? obey me. next, exchanging the rings. i gave you a littlebit when i said it was to show that a man

had bought a woman, right? i didn't finish it,but it's kind of cool. in other countries -- i think it's russia -- they wear it on theright finger. in the western world, especially germany, england, france and whatnot, we wearit on the left. you might wonder why. this is from the romans. you see, they believedthere are a vein -- which is what carries blood -- that came from the heart that wasdirectly linked to your ring finger. so when they put it on, it was to capture the lovefrom your heart in the ring. kind of cool, huh? stick with me. i'll teach you a few now you know why someone wears their wedding band or engagement ring on their left. it'sto capture all that love that goes directly to their heart. okay?

at the end of our weddings, we usually throwrice. everyone throws rice. not so much now because it was killing birds. i'm serious.true story. we were killing birds. we'd be throwing them up. we'd go, "you're married", andthe birds would fall from the sky. "they're celebrating, too. they're dying." but thethrowing of rice or throwing of confetti or paper in the air after a wedding, if you alwayswonder why in our movies they get married, they throw things in the air, it was for fertility.they thought if they threw a lot of stuff in the air, the people walking under it wouldhave many, many babies, and it was a good thing. you like that? yeah. it's cool, huh?i'm about the end it on that. "confetti, yay. i'm getting married." okay?

but before i do, because this is an internationalschool that we have here, i want to bring out one more which i found interesting: thebreaking of the glass. sometimes, you watch north american movies, and you'll see somecouples go [sound of glass breaking], and they break glass. and you think, "all of themdo this." actually, this is a jewish tradition. just as i mentioned that middle eastern peoplehave different colored wedding gowns or they wear veils, in the jewish tradition, theybreak glass. they dance, and they break the glass. and it's to show that this is someserious stuff. "this is serious business. so serious, we're going to break some glassin here." really, they do. i'm not making this up. i wish i could.

i hope this video has brought you and i closetogether and made a great relationship. come, mr. e, up there. see? we're engaged now inconversation and learning, and this is a good thing. anyway. i've got to go. what i wouldlike to say now is the usual. i want you to go to my triple w,, "eng" asin english, "vid" as in "video", where you can learn about weddings and funerals, andother of life's interesting little acts. have a good one. it'sbeen a pleasure.

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